Why Kids Love Motorhome Holidays

Everybody deserves a break from time to time, and if you have kids it can swiftly become an expensive experience. A fantastic way of taking your kids away for a summer vacation is to camp! Motorhome hire in Scotland is a brilliant and affordable alternative and a great way for the kids to get exploring. Here are 5 reasons why you should take your kids away in a motorhome this year!


Kids Love New Adventures

It’s pretty safe to say that kids love going on adventures, and they always say it starts as soon as you leave your home street. So why not skip the painstakingly long waits at the airport, worrying about baggage and stressing about passports, and really enjoy the journey.

Without the strict timescale an airport might cause, you can easily stop for a spontaneous picnic or visit an attraction along the way.

Familiarity is Key

For children a whole new country can be very daunting for early holidays, as they might not understand the local language or cope with the regional climate, so staying in the country for your summer vacation might just be the right thing for you.

Taking a motorhome on a holiday makes it a lot easier to take home comforts with you. That teddy and blanket they can’t leave behind really isn’t a problem!

Kids Love the Great Outdoors

As a kid there really isn’t anything that is as much fun as the great outdoors; running around, climbing trees and exploring wildlife. Modern life these days is more or less kept indoors so going on holiday with a motorhome will really get everyone into that adventure mode.

Have a Den on Wheels

What could be better after a hard days exploring than crawling up into your very own big den on wheels. With a motorhome it can be so easy to create home comforts and build your own little dens.


Flights, hotels, airport transfers, insurance, the list of expenses goes on when booking a holiday abroad and can end up costing you an arm and a leg even before the first day of your vacation. Everything down to meal times can be cheaper on holiday if you take a motorhome.

We offer fantastic rates on motorhome hire in Scotland so get in touch with us to plan your perfect summer get away with your prized little ones. If you have any questions about our fleet of motorhomes available contact us on 01244 723330 or enquires@renniemotorhomes.co.uk

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