Why a Motorhome Holiday is Better than Camping

Motorhome holidays are fantastic fun for all of the family, and much better than staying in an uncomfortable tent. This type of holiday gives you more freedom and allows you to travel in style, but if you’re still not as convinced as we are that motorhome holidays are marvellous, then here are 4 reasons that will certainly change your mind:


Comfort & Style

Not only can you travel in comfort, but you can also travel in style. With a motorhome you can enjoy home comforts including a bed with a comfortable mattress, sofas and even an oven. In a tent, you are subjected to an uncomfortable night of sleep on an air mattress – you go on holiday to relax, not to endure uncomfortable nights and a lack of sleep.

Home Cooking 

When people think ‘camping’, they often think of a tin of beans. Well, on a motorhome holiday you can enjoy all of your favourite home cooked meals. You will have a fridge with you, so you can save money on food whilst you are away – this is a great idea if you are travelling with fussy eaters!


Everyone’s least favourite part of a camping holiday or travel in general is having to use public toilets, or travelling for long periods of time, not knowing where the next service station is. In a motorhome you will have your own PRIVATE toilet, therefore you need never worry about public toilets again.

Heating & Air Conditioning

When you go camping in a tent you are often limited to when you can actually go; usually spring and summer because it is simply too cold in winter. In a motorhome, you can benefit from indoor heating, so you can experience the country in the height of summer and the depths of winter in premium comfort. 

All Weather Family Fun

Speaking of temperature and weather, it is plain to see that many camping holidays in tents are ruined by rain; which is why the motorhome wins overall. You can stock your motorhome with board games, laptops and e-readers, so even if it does rain you can still enjoy yourself whatever the weather!

So, if you’re looking for the best holiday where you can enjoy family bonding and a whole array of different activities, then choose a motorhome holiday. Here at Rennie Motorhomes we provide high quality motorhome hire in Aberdeen, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a motorhome holiday at competitive prices. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our helpful team by calling 01224 723330.

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