Weather Chaos Leaves Many Motorhome Owners Disgruntled

The recent weather and floods have caused huge amounts of damage to Britain, and recent news suggests that the damage to homes, buildings and other infrastructure could reach £1billion. This huge sum of money has had a disastrous effect on many home owners’ finances, and insurers are reporting a staggering increase in claims.

One item that many people have seen suffering huge damages is their motorhome; even those that store their motorhome securely are seeing these facilities overwhelmed by water. An increase in motorhome insurance claims of 88% was reported on February 10th, and with more severe weather predicted this number will surely rise.

With the average price for a new motorhome between £30,000 and £40,000, it is understandable that the recent news has put many people off investing in a motorhome anytime soon. People understandably do not want to be left with an investment that is used for a relatively small portion of the year, and is left fairly vulnerable during the off-season. This is a shame, as motorhome holidaying is one of life’s great joys and should be experienced by everyone.

One great way to ensure that you are not left with a flooded motorhome and a stressful insurance claims process is to hire a motorhome temporarily. This allows you to enjoy a motorhome for the summer period and not have to worry about it for the rest of the year. This not only avoids any potential damage costs, but also other costs such as insurance and tax that can prove to be very expensive.


Here at Rennie Motorhomes we understand the allure of motorhome holidaying and also the trepidation that many have over buying a motorhome outright. We provide a range of motorhomes for hire in Scotland, so whether you want one for a weekend or for a week we can always help. By hiring a motorhome you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Scotland has to offer, without having to constantly maintain, repair and insure a motorhome throughout the year. 

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