The Essentials for Every Motorhome Holiday

Motorhome holidays are like no other, care-free and relaxed in the comfort of your own little home on wheels. It is a great chance for family bonding, for both large and small families, groups of friends or a romantic getaway for two, it is the ideal escape designed just for you.

So, you’re all packed, maps ready and journey planned, however, here are a few little tips to make sure you have everything to make your motorhome adventure the most enjoyable it can possibly be:

The little things

Your motorhome should be a slightly smaller version of your real abode, with the home comforts and little touches you appreciate personally or as a family. Motorhomes allow you take whatever you wish with you, no luggage restrictions gives you a complete sense of home from home and is a complete blessing when travelling with small children or babies.

Make sure the décor makes you feel relaxed and you enjoy it, a surrounding you do not enjoy will quickly lead to feeling uncomfortable and resulting in cabin fever, every family’s worst nightmare on the road! Cushions, table clothes and knick-knacks are the perfect addition to liven a motorhome up and make it feel warm and cosy. If you have younger children, bring their own duvets and pillows to give them a sense of security and comfort and make sure their favourite toys and books are packed so there will be no tears later down the road.

Favourite foods

Snacks for the journey are a fantastic way to break up long travelling periods and also keep family members happy. Food is the key to any on-road peace and quiet, and bringing along favourite snacks keeps the feeling of home in the air. Cooking on a motorhome can be tricky, but with the right planning and ingredients, meals should be as good as they are at home and everyone can enjoy their favourites. Why not sit down as a family or group before your trip and discuss what meals you are going to make? This includes everybody and makes meal times something to look forward to as everybody has been involved in the planning.

 Rainy day activities

Unless you are travelling somewhere where there is guaranteed sun, it is always a good idea to plan ahead and pack things for a rainy day or two. Rainy days can be a great way to bond a family or group but it can also put people in bad moods and aggravate a small living situation. Games, films, books and board games are great boredom busters and are brilliant to have at the ready, just in case. Although motorhome holidays are usually about going outside and experiencing the great outdoors, staying inside for a day or two in the warmth together can actually be really fun. However, if you have a day pre-planned that a bit of rain won’t get in the way of, make sure to pack the family’s wellies and rain macs and carry on.

 Things in case of an emergency

Make sure to pack everything that you may need in any imaginable circumstance and always plan ahead. Unfortunately, accidents do happen so pack all medications, medicines, an up-to-date first aid kit for any accidents and all driving and vehicle insurance documentation just in case of break downs etc.

Other items you may need: passports, tickets, money/currency, phone/console chargers, alarm clock, batteries and sun/after sun lotions etc.


Here at Rennie Motorhomes, we specialise in providing motorhomes for hire in Scotland offering a wide range of motorhomes for any need or adventure. Whether you are an avid motorhome traveller or wanting to plan your first holiday, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today!



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