The Essential UK Road Trip

The UK is full of fabulous locations, and you could spend a lifetime and more exploring this incredible nation fully. The biggest benefit of a motorhome is the mobility that it provides; the ability to visit as many different locations as you want in one trip is very freeing. Here at Rennie Motorhomes, we offer motorhome rental in Scotland, and fully appreciate the unique and incredible experience that is presented by this form of travel. With this in mind, we have put together a little guide that covers what we consider to be the ultimate UK road trip. Based on a fourteen day trip, this road trip takes in some of Britain’s most beautiful, interesting and picturesque locations.


You may ask ‘why Aberdeen?’ Well, firstly because we are based in Aberdeen, so you can pick your fantastic motorhome up from us as the first location on your trip. Secondly is the fact that Aberdeen is an incredible city, with a rich history.

Not to be missed in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Art Gallery – modest looks disguise a gallery that is dripping with quality art.


The jewel in the Scottish crown is one of the most beautifully interesting cities in Europe, let alone the UK. Whatever you are looking for, Edinburgh has you covered, and all is set against the historical backdrop that is Edinburgh castle.

Not to be missed in Edinburgh

The aforementioned castle is an incredible day out that really shouldn’t be skipped.


Crossing over into England, you will not be far from one of the north east’s most interesting locations; Newcastle is the perfect place to take in some shopping. A day in Newcastle is a day that is hard not to enjoy; there is just such a wealth of things to do that the difficulty only lies in the choice.

Not to be missed in Newcastle

The Angel of the North – taking a little time to stand underneath this incredible structure gives you a real appreciation for the engineering involved.


The setting of Bram Stoker’s famous Dracula is far less spooky during the day, as it is an idyllic fishing village that really is one of the best coastal locations in Britain. One of the real highlights of Whitby is the incredible array of fresh seafood that is on offer in the selection of restaurants.

Not to be missed in Whitby

A fishing trip – Whitby is famed throughout the country for the quality and abundance of fish nearby, so a day spent holding a rod is a great way to enjoy Whitby.


Heading inland a little will take you to the incredible city of York. To list the things to do in York is an epic task that would run into the thousands. The best thing to do is to simply explore the incredible history of the city, and make sure that you take as many photos as possible.

Not to be missed in York

The railway museum is a unique attraction that is perfect for kids from 2 to 92.


The home of one of the world’s most famous and prestigious universities is also home to a wealth of activities, making it an incredible place to visit. If you are bored of history, then worry not, as a day spent at the local amusement park is sure to get your pulse going.

Not to be missed in Cambridge

The University Museum of Zoology – whether you are a lover of science, animals or simply appreciate the aesthetically pleasing, you are sure to find plenty to amuse you here.


Need we really say any more about the capital? An incredibly exciting city that always has something interesting just around the corner. London’s selection of beautiful parks are inspirational places to spend time, and will give you chance to relax and catch your breath.

Not to be missed in London

If you enjoy theatre then a trip London’s theatre district is sure to be the perfect place to catch the latest and greatest live action.


Plymouth is one of the warmest places in the British Isles, so it stands to reason that you will want to spend the day outside. The good news is that a walk around the grounds of one of Plymouth’s famous stately homes will allow you to take in all the picturesque floral adornments that the British summer brings.

Not to be missed in Plymouth

The National Marine Aquarium – there aren’t many places where you can stand inches away from sharks whilst feeling safe, so this is a must for any animal lover.


Bristol was recently voted Britain’s most pleasant city to live in, and when you arrive you will easily see why. Even the bridge into Bristol (the Clifton Suspension Bridge) is an incredible sight to behold, and it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this amazing city.

Not to be missed in Bristol

SS Great Britain – Any history lover will appreciate this epic feat of engineering.


A quick trip over into Wales reveals a seaside town that is unlike any other; the incredible view out to sea is best complemented by the azure sky of summer. Turn away from the sea though, and you will find that the view inland is equally epic, and the hillside railway is an incredible spectacle.

Not to be missed in Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth Castle – Perched atop a hill, this incredible castle is the perfect plateau for looking out over the incredible scenery.


The 2008 City of Culture has lost none of its appeal, and remains a must-visit location for any explorer of Britain. The musical history of Liverpool continues to be crafted, and any music lover will find a gig or event to keep them entertained.

Not to be missed in Liverpool

The Beatles Story – An incredible look into the lives and work of one of the world’s most famous bands.


Blackpool receives a lot of unfair negative press, but with recent and extensive rebuilds to the promenade, and continued investment, Blackpool is a truly interesting place to spend time. Whether you explore one of Blackpool’s paid attractions or simply take a walk down the promenade, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

Not to be missed in Blackpool

Blackpool Pleasure Beach – One of the country’s most famous theme parks is a sure-fire hit for any thrill seeker.


The Lake District is often named as one of Europe’s most picturesque locations, and Ambleside is right at the heart of this incredible area. A day on the lake or a day by the lake are both equally fun for all the family.

Not to be missed in Ambleside

The local mountains are just heavenly for any hiker, and there are routes for all grades of competence.


Glasgow is another British city that receives some negative press, but if you venture into the city you will find out that it is an incredible city full of culture and history. There are several art galleries and museums that will allow you to explore the incredible history of this city.

Not to be missed in Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral – A building of truly epic proportions, and a very fitting end to this incredible trip.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the UK, and will pay a visit to some (or all) of these brilliant, vibrant and interesting locations soon. If you think that a stop every day is too much, then feel free to use this guide as a checklist that you can take as long as you want to complete.

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