Mouthwatering Motorhome Meals

One of the advantages a motorhome holiday has over camping (as mentioned in our previous blog post) is that it’s much easier to prepare delicious meals with the facilities of a motorhome. However, while you won’t be restricted to baked beans out of a tin, it still won’t be quite the same as cooking in your home kitchen, so here are some tips to make the most of your motorhome meals.

Check out the facilities

Knowing what facilities you’ll actually have in your kitchen before you go will make it easier to plan and prepare your meals in advance.  Most of our motorhomes have an oven/grill, hob and pots and pans – but the number of hob rings may vary. We’ll be happy to advise you on the specific facilities available when you contact us for motorhome hire in Scotland.

Compile a camping cookbook

Some preparation for your holiday can be delicious and great fun; once you know what facilities you’ll have in your kitchen, you’ll be able to identify which recipes are practical and which aren’t. Try out a few dishes in advance and compile a camping cookbook of your favourite one-pan or low-prep recipes.

Plan and prepare

One thing you’ll notice about a motorhome kitchen is that, while it’s well equipped, it doesn’t offer you quite as much space for preparation as you would have at home. The easiest way to get around that is do some of your preparation in advance. Dressings, marinades and garnishes can be easily prepared and stored, and some things can be made in advance, frozen, and gradually defrosted in the fridge.

Buy local

Keep your fridge and cupboards stocked with essentials, like butter, spices and herbs, and buy what you need, when you need it – this means that you can travel light and enjoy local, fresh produce. For example, if you’re staying near the seaside, you can buy freshly caught fish which can easily be prepared with a little butter and some sliced lemon, wrapped in tinfoil and popped in the oven to bake for an easy but delicious dinner.

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