Motorhomes vs. Caravans Part Two (The Holiday)

In our previous blog, motorhomes vs caravans part one (the journey) we discussed which was the better; the caravan or the motorhome in regards to the journey, and naturally the campervan came out victorious. In part two we’re going to look at the actual holiday part to find out which option is quite frankly, more fun!

Before setting off on your holiday you will have undoubtedly booked a campsite (or a few) in your desired location.  Upon arrival at the campsite of your choice you are allocated a pitch and when it comes to this kind of camping; the larger the better! Like our last blog we have looked at each mode of transport side by side to see which comes out on top.


Caravan Benefits

  • As you have a separate vehicle with you, you can park up, detach it, and go exploring in your vehicle without lugging your bedding and cooker with you.
  • Home comforts and you’re guaranteed to have a clean environment (well if you’re a tidy family!)

Caravan Drawbacks

  • Parking a caravan can be a nightmare and incredibly confusing especially if it is your first holiday. You may feel like you’re doing the Hokey Kokey before you’ve finished!
  • If you decide to go on a day out you don’t have the luxury of having your own toilet or own private stove.

Motorhome Benefits

  • Parking is easy; simply drive onto your pitch, hook up the electricity, wind the legs down and you’re ready to start enjoying your holiday.
  • When you choose to go on a day out in a motorhome, you have the luxury of your own private toilet which means that you don’t have to go searching for public toilets – as we all know they can be hard to find!
  • A home away from home without any trouble; the motorhome holiday is virtually hassle-free because everything you need is in one place! You can enjoy the cleanliness and comfort as though you were at home in your own bed – but maybe enjoying better weather!
  • When the end of the holiday comes you just need to pack your things up and be off, there’s no messing about with tow bars – when you’re tired and ready for home that really is music to the ears.

Motorhome Drawbacks

  • As you don’t have a separate vehicle, you do have to take your bed with you should you wish to go for a day out, however you do have the benefit of having a working fridge with you should you need a refreshing beverage!

Looking at all of the benefits you have when holidaying in a motorhome (even the drawbacks have benefits!) it really is hard to find an argument against it. We’d choose a motorhome over a caravan any day – although we may be slightly biased! In all seriousness though, the motorhome is a marvellous invention and is the perfect way to spend a family holiday!

We provide quality  motorhomes for hire in Scotland so that you can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime! Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, with your friends or family this type of camping is truly the way to go.

For more information about Rennie Motorhomes, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us; we will happily answer any queries that you have. Simply call us on 01224723330.


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