Motorhomes vs. Caravans Part One (The Journey)

It’s a debate that has raged on for years and there are hardcore supporter of both the motorhome as well as the caravan. In this special two part blog we are looking to come to a once and for all decision on which is best so we have written our own little holiday biography in order to explore the benefits and drawbacks of each.  Here at Motorhomes for Hire Scotland we have years of experience in providing people with the perfect motorhome for them to get away in and thought we should finally try and settle the debate. In this first part of the blog we are looking at the journey to your holiday to try and establish which one you should choose.

The journey to your intended holiday destination can go one of two ways, it can either be an exciting precursor to the holiday of a lifetime or it can be a melting pot of stress and worry that sets even the best holiday up for a fall. We have looked at both modes of holiday transport side by side to see which one is easiest and least stressful;

Caravan benefits

  • Far from having a car loaded to the gunnels with camping gear you can simply hitch up your caravan to your tow bar and take everything that you need with you.
  • You can sit in the familiar comfort of your own car, albeit with a caravan attached.

Caravan drawbacks

  • Towing a caravan is usually a surprisingly easy undertaking but this does rather depend on the weather when you set off. High winds can make it quite treacherous for the high sided lightweight caravan; this factor puts many people off and pushes them into the realm of the motorhome.
  • Manoeuvring a car whilst towing a caravan can be incredibly difficult and for the inexperienced driver it can increase the stress of the journey tenfold.

Motorhome benefits

  • No hitching, no difficult manoeuvring of a car into place, simply pack it up, turn the key and you’re off. There really is no other way of setting out on holiday with this little stress.
  • No difficulty in getting your positioning on the road or in a car park right, modern motor homes are as easy to drive as a large car and there really shouldn’t be any trepidation involved in getting behind the wheel.

Motorhome drawbacks

  • Urm… we can’t really think of any at this point.

Well that’s the journey to your holiday destination covered and, bias aside, it is very hard to argue against the motorhome being the victor in this round.  Make sure you stay tuned to our blog in the next few weeks for part two in which we take on the actual holiday from the point at which you arrive at your chosen site.

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