Motorhome Pitching Tips

As we mentioned in an earlier post, if you’re planning a motorhome holiday it is wise to plan where you’re going to stop in advance. This will save a lot of stress, as you won’t find yourself driving around late in the evening looking for somewhere suitable to stop! However, there are several factors to take into account when you’re looking for a pitch.

Whilst you’re in Scotland, you have the option of choosing between wild camping and an organised campsite. If you choose wild camping, this doesn’t mean that you can simply pull up anywhere – parking and overnight camping restrictions may be enforced by local authorities, so contact them in advance to check. Be respectful of locals, and don’t stop overnight anywhere that you may be considered to be a nuisance.

Even if you choose to wild camp for part of your holiday, it’s wise to book into a campsite for at least a night or two to make use of their facilities. When you come to us for motorhome rental in Aberdeen, we include short term membership of the Camping & Caravanning club, which gives you a discount at the campsites that they operate.

First and foremost, make sure that the campsite you choose does have pitches for motorhomes – some smaller sites are only set up for tents, and won’t allow caravans or motorhomes. Even those that do may have restricted spaces, so you may need to book in advance.

Your campsite should have facilities for you to empty your greywater and other waste, and to fill up your fresh water supply. You don’t want to risk damaging the environment by emptying it out in the wrong place. You may also wish to look for a site with showers – whilst you will have shower facilities in your motorhome, using campsite showers will reduce the strain on your water supply, and if you’re travelling with family or a group of friends it will also reduce the queue in the morning!

Electricity hook-ups may also be a factor that you want to consider if you will need to charge phones, tablets or any other electronic devices to keep the kids happy on the road.

When you reach your campsite, you may have choices regarding the exact pitch that you select; the most important factor to look for is flat ground, as this will mean that you don’t need to use ramps or blocks to level out your motorhome. You may also want to avoid pitching too close to trees – the shade may be attractive, but the ground underneath is often poor, and trees can drip sap or provide convenient perches for birds to add unwanted decorations to your motorhome.

By planning ahead, and arriving in time to choose your pitch in daylight, you should be able to find the right pitch every time, and enjoy a relaxing and stress-free motorhome holiday.

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