Home Sweet Motorhome: Making Your Motorhome Away From Home


The motorhomes available for hire here at Rennie Motorhomes are both comfortable and stylish, boasting fresh, modern interiors, televisions complete with Freeview and DVD players, stereo systems, SAT NAVs, large fridges, copious amounts of hanging space for clothes, and are fully furnished and equipped for all the needs of the modern traveller.

However, this does not mean that you cannot easily (albeit temporarily) add your own personal touches to the already smart interior of our motorhomes, in order to make them feel more like your own home.

Cushions and Blankets

Soft furnishings are a fantastic way to create a cosy and homelike environment, in a non-permanent capacity. Colourful and patterned cushions and throw pillows not only look attractive but can provide an added level of comfort to your hired motorhome experience.


These adorable handmade cushions, available from Etsy and Zazzle respectively, could add a fun element to the already plush interiors of your hired motorhomes.  If you are considering travelling and staying in the far north of the British Isles, and are looking for motorhomes for hire in Scotland, you may wish to pack extra layers of blankets in order to stay warm and stave off the infamous northern, chilly weather. Stay snug with layers of colourful, cosy throw blankets which also add another personal touch to your hired motorhome experience.

Take Your Garden with You

Additionally, small potted plants and vases of fresh flowers provide a temporary, luxurious touch to your hired motorhome, just don’t forget to secure any pots and vases down! Try self-adhesive picture hanging strips in order to secure objects that may move in transit.

Flowers aren’t just for the vase. Alternatively, you could incorporate a tablecloth into the decor of your motorhome to provide a further splash of colour. Franclaire Fabrics provide spill repellent, machine washable, affordable-yet-stylish tablecloths, which are available in a range of patterns, from cute VW camper van prints, to classic, vintage-inspired floral motifs and more modern floral and foliage inspired patterns.

Savvy Signs

There are many personalised items available for people looking to personalise their hired motorhome, like these sweet signs, which are available world-wide from Ebay.

There are many options, of both soft furnishings and home ware, available which add another level of personality and comfort to your rented motorhome, wherever you’re travelling. If you’re looking for motorhomes for hire in Scotland, please don’t hesitate to contact Rennie Motorhomes by calling us at 01224 723330, or by sending an email to enquiries@renniemotorhomes.co.uk.

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