Stars Campaign to Promote Holidays in Scotland

A new multi-million pound initiative to encourage further tourism in Scotland is being championed by Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy and famous violinist Nicola Benedetti. The £3.5 million campaign, entitled ‘Brilliant Moments’, is placing a special emphasis upon three high profile events that are scheduled to take place in Scotland during 2014; namely Homecoming Scotland, the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup. Tourists are being urged to make Scotland their first choice of destination, and residents are also being pressed to enjoy their own country on a more regular basis.

The campaign, which is being undertaken by VisitScotland, is due to air as a series of four adverts across the UK, and Sir Chris Hoy has been confirmed to feature at the end of the main commercial. Nicola Benedetti will similarly be present in an alternative version, whilst a further golf themed visual will be closed by Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley. Social media is also being utilised to spread the message of the campaign, and Scottish Prime Minister, Alex Salmond, has already been enthusiastic in his support.

Scotland certainly has a number of upcoming events in 2014 that are thoroughly worthy of consideration. The Commonwealth Games is set to make history as the largest multi-sport event ever to be held in Scotland, yet the country’s appeal as a tourist destination extends far beyond the restrictions of 2014.  As has been recently detailed on our blog, Scotland has been hailed as one of the top 10 countries to visit over the course of next year, though many of its attractions remain present all of the time.

The stunning scenery and cultural highlights of Scotland are accessible on a consistent basis, and an ideal way to enjoy this unique country is through the hire of a motorhome. Motorhome holidays allow you an unprecedented amount of flexibility when it comes to roaming across the length and breadth of Scotland, and also offer you this freedom at a fraction of the cost of travelling between hotels. We can also offer trailer hire in Aberdeen to allow you to move between campsites using your own vehicle, whilst also benefiting from extra mobile storage room. For an affordable holiday in Scotland, look no further than Rennie Motorhomes. Contact us now to find out more.

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Scotland included in top ten countries to visit in 2014

The world’s largest travel guidebook publisher, Lonely Island has named a list of the top ten best countries to visit next year. Of the nations that tourists have been recommended to go, Scotland has surprisingly been included among the top three countries. A host of events taking place in the country is forecasted to give the British nation a large boost in tourism throughout the year 2014. Besides the events, the Scottish scenery will also help attract holidaymakers, which will undoubtedly have positive impact on the economy.

 The amount of world class events scheduled to be hosted by Scotland next year justifies the nations’ top three ranking by travel experts. Scotland will host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, a highly anticipated event since it only takes place every 4 years. Golfing event, Ryder Cup, which features European and American professional golfers is planned to take place in Scotland towards the end of the 2014 summer. Furthermore, celebration of cultural and traditional events such as the Highland Games and ‘The Year of the Homecoming’ are also set to lure travellers from Britain and beyond.

If you are looking to make the most of Scotland’s events line up next year, why not hire a camper van in Scotland. The flexibility of the facilities will allow you to travel to every event noted on the 2014 calendar without enduring most of the typical holiday worries such as where you are going stay, distance of your hotel from the events among other restrictions. Camper vans allow you to put a personal touch to where you stay while away from home. You can even enjoy your own cooking, which encourages the ‘home from home’ atmosphere.

If you are looking for campervan hire service in Scotland, then look no further than us, here at Rennie Motorhomes. We offer inexpensive motorhome hire rates on professionally designed camper vans within the Scotland area. Since customers’ satisfaction is among our main priorities, we only offer the latest motorhome models, to ensure you have the most comfortable and relaxing holiday. If you wish to make an enquiry regarding our fantastic services, do not hesitate to contact us on 07720260596 or via email at

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Are You a Hirer or Buyer?

Here at Rennie Motorhomes we offer outstanding customer service at a very reasonable value. If you’ve always fancied a holiday away in a motorhome, you can do without the fuss of buying one. It’s always best to hire a motorhome for a holiday before buying one yourself, ensuring that you are in love with motorhome holidays enough to actually buy one. However, you may find that hiring a campervan once a year is enough, and there’s no way you’d use your own enough to justify the price. We’re here to persuade you why hiring is the way forward.

Price: Motorhomes range from £20,000 for a used vehicle, to a massive £90,000 if you’re looking for brand new luxury on wheels. It certainly is an investment; and that’s excluding insurance, tax, fuel, and interior accessories. To spend an average of £40,000 on your own motorhome, you have to guarantee you’d use it about four times as year to get value for your money. Don’t forget that if you buy a cheap, but used caravan you may also be shelling out on maintenance costs far often than is necessary or sustainable. Our prices start at just £460 for a week away in winter, so you can have a cheap getaway in Scotland whenever you like!

Storage:  One of the main factors you have to ensure when you buy your own motorhome is space; do you have a secure and suitable place to store your own campervan?  Because they are essentially a home on wheels it’s no surprise that they require a lot of resting room. This can be as simple as a big driveway, but ideally they should be kept somewhere dry like a large garage, barn, stable or other variety of out-building. If you don’t have this space available then hiring is your best option; you get to treat the caravan like a home away from home while you are on holiday, but then return it to us for safe keeping.

Extras: Hiring one of our motorhomes is less hassle than organising your own camping holiday. We provide full breakdown cover in the UK, insurance, short term Caravan Club membership (giving you discounts while you travel), free parking and free airport transfer from Aberdeen airport. These are all included in the price as well as kitchen equipment, outdoor furniture and a TV, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. If you fancy a more adventurous holiday approach and choose to go camping, then we offer cheap trailer hire in Aberdeen. You can pack away all your camping gear in one of our trailers and then hit the road for an outdoor adventure.

Convenience: Hiring a campervan is much less commitment than owning your own. If you decide you want a camping adventure then you can go ahead and book it, turn up, jump in and not worry about much else! Having your own van means looking after its maintenance and servicing, whereas in a hired van we do all the hard work for you. Having your own campervan means you feel compelled to go roaming on every holiday, whereas hiring a home with Rennie Motorhomes means other options are still on the cards for different times of the year.

Flexibility: Go where you want, when you want with our unlimited mileage allowance. We will even offer you free transfer to or from Aberdeen airport and transfer you to other airports for small fees. We offer extra services for tiny prices; such as BBQ hire and car trailers. Hiring a campervan means you can try out different van models each time you travel, and you can also bring different groups of people. If it’s for a couple’s get-away, then why not hire a three berth? When you discover how fun it is, take the kids out next time and get a bigger van. We also allow pets in our campers, so nobody will get left out.

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Welcome To Rennie Motorhomes

Welcome to the Rennie Motorhomes blog, the place to look for motorhomes for hire in Scotland. At Rennie Motorhomes, we simply love motorhomes, motorhome holidays and all that they represent. We are delighted to launch this blog so that we can share with you our news, tips and offers. As well as all of our news, you will also find here great ideas about where to visit, which festivals are motorhome friendly, how to plan for a motorhome holiday and much more.

A motorhome holiday offers people so much more freedom than a package holiday or renting a cottage. You have the freedom of the road and can explore the country at your own pace and in line with your own interests. Do you want to cruise along the coast, stopping wherever you please for an ice-cream and a cup of tea? A motorhome will let you do that and will let you stop for the night along the way. Likewise, if you want to get out into the wild, you can take your vehicle to some of the most picturesque places in the country and wake up to idyllic peaceful sunrises, more rested than if you’d spent the night in a tent. Having a bed to retire to at a festival is a treat that never goes unappreciated either!

These are exactly the kind of things we love at Rennie Motorhomes – freedom, exploration, independence, and comfort! In the blog, we’ll share with you all of the insider tips that we’ve amassed through all of our years on the road. If there is something you need to know about motorhoming from what to take with you to how to park, you can rest assured that there is someone in the team who can tell you all about it. We’ll also keep you informed about trade fairs and caravan club events so you will always know what’s going on.

At Rennie Motorhomes, our focus is on renting motorhomes, whether you are a veteran motorhome holidaymaker or are making a trip for the first time. We also sometimes buy and sell motorhomes, so if you’re looking to snap up a bargain, bookmark us so you can find the best deals with ease. We have built up a selection of awesome vehicles available for you to rent today, take a look at our list and get in touch. If you’re not booking your next holiday yet, why not start thinking about it? Follow us here at Rennie Motorhomes and let us inspire you!

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