Beautiful European Camping Destinations

Camping with a motorhome is one of the best ways to spend a holiday, especially if you’re an adventurer at heart. You get to explore the beauty of another country yet you aren’t limited to one area, you have the freedom to travel wherever you want. There are some gorgeous locations in Europe where you can experience a different culture and take advantage of a warmer climate. Below you will find a selection of our favourite camping destinations outside of the UK.


For beginner campers or seasoned experts, France is the perfect destination. Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday; whether it is to sun bathe, explore heritage, or go hiking you can enjoy it here. From the French Alps to Paris to the romantic south coast there is so much to see, do and experience – and many fine wines to taste!


Spain is ideal for beach lovers, whether you visit northern Spain or take the time to travel to the sublime south, you can take advantage of the glorious sunshine. With turquoise waters and a marvellous landscape it is an excellent spot for a relaxing, lazy camping holiday.


For those who adore history both medieval and modern, Germany is a wonderful place to visit. With attractive castles which are reminiscent of a fantasy world, it really is an outstandingly beautiful country. We recommend that you stay near the River Rhine, where you can learn all about German myths and legends.


Switzerland is an excellent place for winter camping, especially if you’re looking to go skiing or snowboarding. The journey to the Suisse Alps is absolutely breathtaking and when you set your eyes on those mountains, you really do feel like you are in paradise. There are also many lakes in this country. So you can enjoy a summer motorhome holiday by the water.


Full of history, heritage, and stunning architecture, Belgium is an amazing place to enjoy a camping holiday, and of course a holiday to Belgium isn’t complete without a visit to Bruges. Unfortunately all vehicles are banned from the city so we recommend that you book a campsite close by and travel into this utterly stunning city on the train.

Motorhome holidays are utterly fantastic; there are so many camping destinations to choose from. To find the perfect campsite in Europe head to where you will find a selection of over 9000 annually inspected campsites. Regardless of whether you desire a holiday for relaxation or extreme exploration we are sure that you will uncover the ideal location for you.

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