5 Top Tips For Motorhome Hire

Motorhome holidays are becoming increasingly popular, offering travellers the freedom and unique enjoyment of planning and experiencing their holiday the way they want to see it. Motorhomes offer plenty of different facilities and it is important when choosing the right motorhome for you, that you consider everything you need. Here is a small checklist of things to keep in mind when renting your home on wheels.


The layout and size of a motorhome is an extremely important factor to consider when planning your holiday. Consider sleeping arrangements, facilities and storage options the different types of motorhomes offer. If travelling with a larger family, more storage space and comfortable sleeping options will be top of the list. However, if travelling in a pair, more facilities and living area will be more desirable.

 Don’t overfill

Motorhomes are fantastic, but if overfilled with luggage and people, they can quickly become cramped and claustrophobic. If you’re holidaying in larger groups, it may be a good idea to rent more motorhomes and travel in smaller groups to enable a more relaxed and comfortable travelling and living experience. A little tip is to pack straight into the motorhome rather than in boxes and storage units, this will free up more space. If you are planning to take bikes or sport equipment with you, think about hiring a motorhome with garage space.

 Plan your journey

Always plan your route to create a harmonious and stress-free journey, consider road works and motorway accidents and keep your sat-nav updated for any diversions along the way. Also, try to avoid any thin country lanes, height barriers and rigid small streets as these may be hard to manoeuvre and pass in. If travelling with pets, plan regular stops and ensure the motorhome is pet friendly to ensure your furry friends are content and happy.

 Electricity – necessity of modern living

Before setting off, make sure all electrical items are fully charged. Electrical appliances such as mobile phones can be charged whilst on the move using the cigarette lighter. Other technologies such as laptops, iPads etc will need a 240v charge so make sure the campsite where you are staying offers electrical hook-ups. And don’t forget your camera! And plenty of extra batteries.

 The purpose of your holiday

Whether road-tripping, attending a festival or just staying in a campsite location, make sure you have organised all stops and reserved your stay. You do not want the drama of trawling campsite after campsite looking for an available spot after a long days travelling. If going to a festival, make sure motorhomes are allowed, most festivals require motorhome and caravan camping passes so make sure you have all the required documentation beforehand.

After you have enjoyed your wonderful holiday, here are some things to remember when returning your motorhome:

-          Make sure to return your hired motorhome at the arranged time and location

-          Make sure toilet cassette and water tanks are empty and gas is turned off

-          Remove litter, check all drawers and cupboards, clean surfaces and sweep floors


If you are looking for motorhomes for hire in Scotland or require any more information, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today!


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